CD Express knows how daunting it can be to try and understand all the different variables when it comes to pressing your own CD Project. We aim to make the process as easy as possible. Please see below the most common misconceptions and questions asked by our customers, for your understanding. If you have any further questions, please use the Contact Form to send us your enquiry. Or browse our Package Deals to choose what package best suits your project needs.

1) In what format should I supply my master to you?

For pressing of CD you may supply us a master with tracks as WAV or AIFF files. You may upload your files using www.wetransfer.com (a free service) and send us an email with your download link. You may also email any WAV/AIFF files to us but please make sure you Zip the files before sending. A tracklist detailing the name of each track and running time should be supplied with every master. Please ensure that the master is free of any errors or defects as although we check every track carefully we cannot be held responsible for errors caused by incorrectly edited files. CD Express offer a full mastering service at an additional cost, so if you need any alterations to your tracks please contact us to discuss your requirements. Vinyl and CD mastering is available at £40.00 plus VAT per track.

2) How should I supply my graphics / artwork?

At CD Express , we are great believers in getting your graphics prepared to the highest quality before going to print. We have a full range of templates available for all CD products including labels and outer sleeves. Please email us, or use our contact form and we will send the relevant templates to you immediately if you cannot find the correct template on our site. All templates can be found here. We also suggest that you should speak to our graphics department before starting your designs as often a five-minute chat can give you all the information required to make your task much easier and your final files much sharper! We accept files for PC in PDF, Photoshop and TIFF. If you need to supply in another format, please discuss it with us first. Basic requirements for designs are: all files to be in CMYK, minimum resolution 300DPI for sleeves and labels. 3mm of bleed required around outside of all paper parts and no text within 3mm of cut or folds on paperparts. Graphics may be sent by email, or alternatively you may upload your files using www.wetransfer.com (a free service) and send us an email with your download link. CD Express also offer a full graphic design service and we can simply transfer your graphics from an unprintable format into one of the above files or we can listen to your brief and design your packaging from scratch. Just visit our CD Packages page, and scroll to the bottom to the “Add-On” section for prices and options. Please direct all enquiries about graphics to: sales@cdexpress.com or use our contact form here to send us your enquiry.

3) How should I send you my masters and graphics/artwork?

We recommend that once your master and graphics are complete you should send them to us via 3 separate download links using www.wetransfer.com (a free service) and send us an email with your download links. This guarantees a same day delivery to us ensuring we start your production immediately. Please ensure you send us the masters and graphics/artwork in separate zip files, clearly labelled, and ensure that you send SEPARATE download links for each of the following sets of files:

  • a) Upload Audio Files separately
  • b) Upload Label Files separately
  • c) Upload Sleeve Artwork separately

Thus, you will be sending us 3 separate download links.

This will ensure we can process your work faster, rather than have re-organise and re-send the files separately to our different departments.

4) How much music can I fit on my CD record?

Below are the universal recommended maximum playing times per side for CD records prepared at standard recording levels.

  • 12″ – At 33rpm – 19 minutes
  • 12″ – At 45rpm – 14 minutes
  • 7″ – At 33rpm – 6 minutes
  • 7″ – At 45rpm – 5 minutes

If possible, we would recommend you try to keep to the following times, to ensure a more well rounded CD sound:

  • 12″ – At 33rpm – 16 minutes
  • 12″ – At 45rpm – 9 minutes
  • 7″ – At 33rpm – 5 minutes
  • 7″ – At 45rpm – 4 minutes

The recording time available on CD records depends on the frequency spectrum, the dynamic range, the width of the stereophonic signal and other characteristics of your recording. The playing time figures which are listed above are recommended maximum times. If the playing time of one side of a record does not exceed the figures above, the quality of the recording will usually be limited only by the quality of your recording. If the playing time exceeds these figures, it may mean that the recorded signal will not fit into the available space under normal levels of volume. In such a case the level of the recording must be lowered, or an appropriate compromise must be reached. It is recommended you order a dubplate to check how the finished records will sound. Prices can be found here on the Package Deals Page, just scroll to the bottom of the page to “Add-On” section, to see the options.

5) What colours can my CD records be?

Aside from black CD , CD Express can manufacture your records in a variety of colours. We cannot guarantee an exact colour match but we create a colour that is as close as possible to your chosen colour. Just ask us what stocks we have available for you to choose from. To find our the additional cost for having a specific colour, please visit our Package Deals Page, and scroll down to “Add-On” section to explore the prices and options available.

6) When and how should I pay for my order?

Due to the nature of CD pressing and that once goods are produced they are unusable by anyone other than the client that ordered them. For that reason we ask for payment in full prior to manufacturing commencing. Payment can be made by sending a BACS / Banks Transfer to our bank account. Once payment has been received in full, we will commence work.

7) How long does it take for my finished CD to be manufactured and delivered?

Assuming that your master and graphic files are supplied to the specifications required, our delivery times are the fastest in the world! We can deliver your finished CD project in as little as 4 weeks! Give or take a week or so. For those who have an urgent project, and need a faster turn around time, an extra £200 can get you a 2 week turn around! Unheard of in this day and age, but at CD Express we can rise to the occasion and do it!

All our goods are despatched to you via the most cheapest/safest option made available to us, depending on your order size and location.

8) Where can I download your graphics / artwork templates from?

Please visit our Templates Page to browse through the variety of templates we have to suit your project requirements. Just click and download whatever template you need.

9) Can I chop and change a Package Deal to better suit my requirements?

Unfortunately, no. All our packages have been well designed to meet the majority of the consumers needs. With 10 years experience in CD Manufacturing, and close links with our suppliers, we feel these packages are the best combinations available.

10) What CD formats do you offer?

7inch and 12inch CD records only.

11) Do you offer represses?

Unfortunately, no. We do not offer a repress service. Once your project has been manufactured, all parts are destroyed. We do not have the storage capacity to keep the numerous parts in stock once your main run has been completed.

12) Can I buy my parts back from you, once my main run is completed?

Yes, just get in touch and let us know, and we will calculate the cost and give you a one off option to buy your manufacturing parts back from us. Offer is only available for 3 days after your main run has been delivered.

13) Do you manufacture CD’s?

Yes, you can visit our sister website at www.cd.express for all your CD & DVD needs!